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Certified Birth Doula
Birthing Spirit 2015- taught by Kim Durdin, Shelia Cochran Feldman, & Heather Shawrz

About me

Certified Postpartum Doula

 Birthing Spirit 2015- taught by Kim Durdin & Heather Schawrz

Peridoula Certification

Perinatal ReSource 2012- taught by Sherry Payne & Mariah Crans

My Training
My Story

     I am a wife and mother of three amazing daughters and a  supportive husband. I graduated from the University of Missouri Kansas City, December 2009, with a bachelors degree in psychology. When I found out we were expecting our first daughter Vida. I took it upon myself to learn as much about pregnancy, labor, birth and post partum period as possible. 


     I aways knew that I wanted to breastfeed, that was a main factor in what led me to have three successful home-births! The more I studied on my own, and what I learned in the Bradley Method course, made me realize I wanted a very uninterrupted, intervention free labor and birth experience.


     I began my journey as a doula a year after I had our first daughter. Due to my successful home birth, with two wonderful midwives and a doula, I knew becoming a doula was my calling. I was offered to go to Kansas City Missouri (my hometown), by co-founder Shery Payne, to complete the first ever doula training at Uzazi Village. There I was certified as a doula, childbirth educator, breastfeeding peer counselor, and a contraception educator. 


      I then went on to join the Family Health and Birth Center (FHBC) volunteer doula program in Washington D.C. During that time I was around six months pregnant with our second daughter Azha. We had another magical home birth, then moved to L.A. in August 2013. Since moving to L.A. I became a Doterra rep. Plus I was able expand upon my lactation, birth and postpartum doula education with the help of some amazing birth and lactation professionals.

     My family and I now live in beautiful Carlsbad, Ca. I look forward to getting to know the San Diego commmunities, and working with families who need support. 

My Philosophy

My main goal is to empower, women through education, and challenging them to critically think about all the options they have during a time of major metamorphisis.

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